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The new 2013 bridal bouquet trends...inspiring connection

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 4:55 PM

The day after Mothers Day, on the heals of Prom's a day to wonder if my cut fingers, sore body and sleepless week was worth it?  Yes, I live for those smiles more than a paycheck.   It's that human element to business that makes it meaningful to me, part of using my design skills is to share them and minister beauty to those who need it.  Here is my most recent bouquet called "Walk in the Woods".  I had fun with the birch wrap, mossy sticks, and the challenge of a natural hand-tied cascade bouquet.

For inspiration, I have been insanely pinning, drinking in all the newst, incredibly creative bridal bouquets like an acoholic. (not best illustration since I have never been one).  But I know my soul needs beauty and immersing myself  in all the exciting new trends this year ignites my passion for designs.  I am loving the main emphasize on textural bouquets and I get it that all the trends have a nostalgic, blast from the past feel.  Seems like fashion reflects what people want and we collectively long for a simpler time.  A time when we understood the world and actually had daily conversations face to face. Times are a changing fast and one generation can not hope to caught up to the next emerging one, but we long to connect.   I can remember pre-computer days while my baby grandsons already use their i-pads before they can speak a sentence. 

I collected pins to suit the New Victorian board originally for somebody elses booth in the Portland Bridal Show this year.  Then just kept going making boards for every trend and seeing the patterns, the connections.  I had been helping many shops design their weddings, their blogs, social networking, updating their webs and even helped one build their web with my design set.  And why?  The hard answer was to keep a steady income and maybe get ahead. The cost was neglecting my own gifts and my own business, and not using the gifting God gave me.

So I resigned everything, today actually, and will focus the rest of this year on launching my business back up. Flowers by Design is back and I will be booking weddings!  Life is just too short to not do what you love and be who you are, talkin to myself again.  Anyway, check out my Pintrest finds and see if you don't love the nostolgia in the 2013 trends.  I give them credit for inspiring me to go for my dreams again.  Enjoy and be inspired!


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