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When flowers speak...

Posted on June 9, 2013 at 4:50 PM

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul."
--Luther Burbank

I know that beauty heals the soul. Any beauty, a glorious sunset, painting, music or dance, a perfect moment in time when the world is as it should be. Beauty is a taste of the eternal, the longing for heaven. Flowers, are a gift of beauty from God to us and a way to show love to someone when words are not enough. They are food and medicine to the soul.

I can testify from my own life when I was overcome with PTSD, it was beauty, only beauty, that could minister to my soul. I was in a dark period when nothing in life made sense, and I could not find words to convey my emotions. I was angry at God, people and myself. The comfort God gave me, the one place I felt His love, was when I took a walk and admired the South African gardens. Bird of Paradise, Calla lilies, huge ferns, fiddleheads and other exotic beauties grew.  How could I resist arranging the colorful mixes of His creation.  A sense that God was larger then my situation, that God had a divine order and plan was was somehow conveyed in his creation. 

Erik Little said in his book “Chariots of Fire”; "when I run I feel His pleasure". I also "feel His pleasure" when I design.  Every arrangement is a whispered prayer and it is not just for me anymore. I help one human send the gift of beauty to another.  Flowers are sent to welcome the first day of a new babies life, her first Prom and maybe her first crush.

                                All the hope and joy of the most important day of her life, her wedding day.  For every special occasion and anniversary in-between, to the overwhelming sad days on the death of loved ones, it's flowers we want to send.  I have the honor of being the messenger, and interpreting the strongest of human emotions in the art form and gift of well arranged flowers.
Corrie Ten Boom was raised in Holland were fresh flowers in the home was a natural part of daily life. After the Holocaust she noticed how flower gardens seemed to heal victims of the Holocaust best. She observed that the day a survivor wanted to deliver something from the garden to an ex-Nazi soldier, was the day they forgave and could begin to re-enter society.

I hope I have conveyed how powerful sending flowers can be for the sender and the reciprocate and why this designer is so passionate about it.

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