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Stylish, fun and inntovative. 

 Bridal Bouquets

Here is a sampling of some of the bridal bouquets I have designed I would love to help you custom design your wedding bouquet and then the rest of your wedding flowers. Your wedding flowers will be locally grown, and seasonal flowers when ever possible.  That said, I am also open to import you those blue roses, rare orchids or anything else out-of-the-box. I would love to have the honor of designing all your wedding flowers and I will go all out for you.


Oh Daisy Bouquet $75 pastel Gerber's and pearl button poms

 Black Calla and Crystals  $160           Caged Tulips $86

Summers Eve $135                    Birds Nest Bouquet $85
Ladies lavender, Picasso calla lily, rose,          Mix of locally grown forest botanical's
sweet pea, freesia, veronica, lisianthus          in a birds nest

  Green Garden $85                      Vintage Pastel and feathers $129
  Seasonal, mid-summer green blooms      Garden rose if peonies are out of season
   and herbs

Autumn Bouquet $99                                Golden Autumn $109                  
Best of the seasons local autumn blooms.                 
Garden rose, yellow rose,                
and herbs.                                                     spray rose, sage, rosemary,
                                                                   mango calla lilies and bunny ear grass

Rustic Glam Rose $149                              Lady in Pearls Bridal $170
NW berries, orchids, roses, chocolate                     Textured Ivory and white flowers with three types
eucalyptus, fern curls                                                of orchids and a pearl wrap.


White Summer Dahlias   $66                  Oriental Lilly Bridal $154

only June-July, maybe August

        Rose Ring Bouquet  $99                 Purely Stargazer Bouquet $160
        Choose your color in this all rose bouquet
        surrounded by a suspended circle of vines.

Blue Rose Glam  $130              Blue Sea Rose  $160
Blue roses with ostrich feathers               Blue Roses with sea holly, urchins, bruin berries and stringed pearls
Orchid Cascade $230                          Orchid Presentation $175
Butterfly Orchids, ferns, and lilly grass             Cymbidium Orchids and banana leaf

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