Flowers by Design

Specializing in natural handtied bouquets

Stylish, fun and inntovative. 

Table Centerpieces

Centerpieces and Tablescapes for RECEPTION TABLES

Order more than 7of any type of centerpieces and get any additional ones at 10% off

Order Tablescapes..groupings of flowers to cover entire center of  tables and get $10% off after 3 full Tablescapes   Go to

LOW CENTERPIECE-$35-55average and up to 70each

See samples on my Pinterest




Under-water roses with jumbo Hydrangea

More TALL CENTERPIECES_for under $75 to $99  with rental vases

See samples on my Pinterest  and if you order 7 or more -$70 off
*Cannot be picked up or dropped off. Full service set-up and tear down required for rental items.

Manzanita Tree rental with orchids, hanging votives and crystals free standing or in a vase..$70 each

 FLORAL LAMP   This still a fun trend in wedding centerpieces.  They have underwater orchids and illuminate as it gets dark with wireless lighting fixture. Rental is $100 each ( just 50 if you use underwater tulips) with over 6 tables (PK Deal).   $200 per floral lamp to buy, or $100 if tulips

Rose petals

-Each bag of Rose Petals cost $15 and cover's a  6ft table, 6-8 inches thick. 

_Box of Rose petals $100 lightly lines 5 foot asile

 Call me and we can brain-storm something just for you..there are endless could also go to Barclay rentals to get you own rentals and we could brain storm the designs you want to see in them.



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