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Stylish, fun and inntovative. 

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These are average prices for seasonal wedding flowers

typical price



Bridal bouquet's


I specialize in hand-tied bouquets, where the natural stems show. Even in cascades!  My bouquets look very abundant and alive! I do not use the old style wire and tape or foam, or plastic holders.

loose bouquet ...It has a gathered, just- picked look.

round bouquet...  It has a round dome shape 

$200+              $85+

cascade bouquet   This bouquet is over 2 ft long.  A small one starts at $120

$250+    starts at $120- 300

arm spray

$200+               $150

Wedding party flowers


maid of honor  bouquet

*some flower shops do sell cheaper priced bouquets but they are small.  looking bouquet.

$90+                $75 

brides maids bouquet


 or 3 for $175

1 single extended lily or long stemmed rose with long sheer organza


flower girl basket decorated with flower petals    


Box of rose petals to lightly line aisle


 Only $15 for a Large Bag!

         $100 for a Large Box

ring boy;  pillow, treasure chest, football, starfish, or whatever you want rings on. Done with fresh flowers to fit theme

*included in large weddings over $1000



* "John Henry style" bouts and corsages (modern).  at no extra cost

$7-$20                $10   

.budget boutonniere's  (over 10 in one flower type)


$22+               $7 

ladies wrist spray or pin on corsage

$25+           $25

hair flower on a comb

20% more for orchids


head garland of seasonal flowers

         $2 per inch

Ceremony Flowers


Large feature displays on rented candelabra or vase, urn, structure of your choice

*2 come in most pk deal

 $150-for rented Candelabra

other average price is $250

 up to $1,000+   

see Large Flowers " page"

cake garland or cake topper and 3 clusters 

                    $ 65

1 cake top is $30 with wedding over $500

pew flowers - single bloom of large lily or Rose, or interesting grass or greens on long stem with sheer ribbon or raffia


pew flowers - small posy bunch in hanging mason jar or similar sized vase of your choice


3ft  wide Huge Trailing Mantel Garland           -4 foot minimal

*first 4 ft  free in wildflower P.K. Deal

                 $55 a foot

Reception Flowers

toss bouquet (mixed seasonal flowers)


         $35-55 or free with any wedding over $1000

head table arrangement, 3 feet mostly interesting NW greens

 $150+              $75 


low size table centerpiece

$45-$220               $35-$55


growing bulb plant, or herbal plant

(need 3-4 months notice)

              3 for $60

small table vase repetition (set of 3)

          3 for $50

flower arrangement in 10-14 inch

Med sized low table centerpiece

 $1    $55-75

 small poesy bouquet in a glass vase, pot, dish, or bowl


water bowl of  floating flowers  & floating candles    


3 for  $60  

  3 gardenia bowls cost $80

Thin Boa Green Garland

$14 per foot

wedding crown piece  of flowers  for the top of the arch  

$ 300-$1000+

small $150

med $220

 large $290

huge   $400-$800

 Thick garland of greens

to cover 6 foot wedding arch

$300-800         $259  or $22 per foot

*most florists charge $2,000+ for an arch of greens and a flower crown)

 * Prices may change slightly as flowers prices fluctuate with seasons my prices are based on seasonal flowers


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